Make perfect round roti with the help of Automatic Chapati maker machine

Chapati is one the most important food in India. However, making proper Chapati could be a little bit tricky and time consuming task. A number of times we used to skip the idea of making Chapati due to lack to time and energy. 

Chapati maker machine can reduce the effort involved in making Chapattis. On trying out different types of flours and different ways of mixing the dough, we can be able to come up with an ideal method of making great tasting soft and healthy Chapati.                      
This article can help anyone who wants to know how to make a Chapatti using a Chapati maker. Each Chapati would take approximately 2 minutes on Chapati Maker. The preparation of a Chapati does NOT require any kind oil or ghee.
Making of a perfect Chapati using the Automatic chapati machine one needs to have the appropriate dough mix. Every factor of the dough making process is important to get an ideal mix, starting from what type of flour needed, how much of flour needed, how much quantity of water needed and how much time to keep the dough idle. Different people tried different combinations of aforesaid aspects, and below is the process of making a right dough for approximately 12 Chapattis-
2 cup of whole wheat flour.
1/4 cup whole milk
 3/4 cup water
Properly mix the above mentioned ingredients in a bowl. This dough mix must be a bit sticky and loose. Allow the dough mix stand for about 4 hours. After 4 hours, the dough mix is ready to be prepared into Chapattis. Have some water and flour in separate bowls on a side for use.
Switch on the Chapati maker machine, till it’s completely heated.
Make small round dough ball, and tap it to make it like a flat patty.
Apply the flour on both sides of the flat dough patty.
Place the dough patty on the Automatic chapati machine and press the handle until the dough spreads out evenly.
Turn over the flattened dough and keep the Chapatti maker upper plate open.
Check the lower side of the flattened dough spread until it turns little brownish in color, and then turn it over.
Wait for some time to see the bottom of the flipped turns brown.
Place the upper plate of the Chapatti maker, and see the Chapati comes out and is ready to eat.


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